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Cerritos Learning Tree Pre-school has been run by Small World Inc. for past 3 generations since 1953.

Cerritos Learning Tree is located in a beautiful and spacious 1.5 Acre park-like setting where your child can enjoy a high quality early education and be prepared for elementary school.

Our Pre-School program (ages 2-6 years) will equip your child with the personal skills, social competencies and academic skills he/she needs to succeed throughout his/her future education‚€”all while ensuring that his/her first learning experiences away from home are enjoyable and safe.

We offer the convenience and peace-of-mind to help you manage your busy life: Our teachers are highly motivated for your child‚€™s learning experiences.

Our classrooms are safe, spacious and orderly, equipped with high-quality learning materials. Our convenient schedules ‚€” including part-time, full time and drop-Ins are available.

The school program is geared towards the many multicultural experiences in today‚€™s world.

We offer a high level of educational progress with potty training and developing social skills with their own peer group through cognitive development.

kamal kaur

Great website & awesome school & staff....Thanks.....


Andrea Turner

Your website is very informative and fun to view. My daughter, now in Kindergarten, attended this program until August 2011. She had a wonderful experience with your staff and the warmth of the school setting. I will refer my neighbors with preschool aged children to view your website and to go take a tour of the school.

Thank you!


Thelma Rojas

We've had four generation of kids in this pre-school. The teachers are very respectful and loving. They have all been a blessing to us! I highly recommend this pre-school to all my friends and family! Thank you Cerritos Learning Tree Staff!


Derricks mom

I love the homey atmosphere of this school. When you walk in you feel as if your child belongs here. Everyone is so caring and makes you feel welcome and they really care for my son.

They are always open if there is a concern so we can all work together. Love Ms Mildred and Ms Karen who greet us day with a smile. Thanks to everyone who is making this a great experience for me and my son.


Emma's mom

Great school my daughter graduated this year and she is more then ready. Excellent program and staff. Would greatly tell everyone about this school for their children.


Rheena Zoellers

When my daughter was in preschool, Ms. Karen taught her to write her name with the first letter in upper case and the rest in lower case, which I found odd. I thought preschool kids are taught to use all caps. So anyway, my daughter recently had a Kinder screening test and the kindegarten teacher praised her for writing her name in upper and lower case. Thanks to Ms Karen foresight. Her philosophy was, why teach something to a child then later unlearn it? It is very logical and I am glad that my daughter had the opportunity to learn from her. Great job and keep up the good work!


JP & Sherry Jacolbia

My daughter KAI loves coming to this school. We love the teachers: Ms Mildred, Ms Patty, Ms Harneet, and Ms Karen. Can't wait to bring Kai's lil brother here next year. Great staff!!!


Lesli Sincock

Cerritos Learning Tree is an outstanding stepping stone for my son and has prepared him academically for kindergarten. I highly recommend this pre-school.



Absolutely love this place! The staff is very friendly and extremely helpful! My kids look forward to school! When my oldest son started kinder he was the youngest one in his class but the teachers were very impressed with his level of reading writing and math! This school is worth every penny and then some!


satvinder singh

Cerritos learning Tree Pre School is one of the best places for your child to learn and enjoy the precious time of childhood. My Son has being going to this school since he was two.Teachers are very devoted to their jobs and trustworthy. They are caring people who help children develop academically, socially, and personally. I recommend this school all my friends. It is the right place for successful childhood!


kamal gothra

Great School ..... My Daughter has being going to Cerritos Learning Tree Pre School since last two years.......Its an awesome beautiful place with bright facilities, warm and caring staff, smiles everywhere! The teachers are wonderful, and take so much care in what they teach and how they teach. There is a perfect mix of play and structure, and the seasonal specials.I am totally thrilled to have found a school which has perfect mix of academics & extra activities...


Nestor Tangarife

When Nicolas was ready for preschool we star to look for the ideal place for him to share, learn and play in a safe environment after a long search We think we find the ideal place where he gets that and much more. He started with Mrs. Dennis and he absolutely loves her since the firs day and now he is with Mrs. Mildred and so far he is very happy and enjoy everyday at preschool. We are very thankful for the way they treat our son and we recommend 100% this preschool.



My son had a wonderful experience and learn a lot...This was definitely a stepping stone for my child going into Kindergarden. I will recommend Cerritos Learning Tree Preschool to my neighbors and friends.


Courtney Hordyk

Cerrtios Learning Tree is a great place to bring your child. The staff is very friendly and loving. It is very comforting to know that the place I leave my child everyday is safe and secure and he is happy to be there. Thank you for all you do.



My daughter has been going to this school for 2 years, love the staff who is caring and loving. My daughter has learned so much,glad I choose this school. It is homey and clean, and everyone cares,I would highly recommend this school to anyone.


Melissa Wright

My child has been a student since he was 3 years old starting in the potty training class and was potty trained in a matter of a couple weeks. Now that he has graduated from the pre-k class, his is proud to know his ABCs, counting, and acknowledging rhyming words. He loves that his teachers take the time to show him how to draw, play games, and read at story time.


ysmael galera

my son has been attending cerritos learning tree for over a year now and enjoys it very much, thank you


Jasmin Diaz

my son enjoys going to school here and loves his teachers ms denisse and ms mildred thank you


Richard Arca

Cerritos Learning Tree is an excellent pre-school with very affordable tuition. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to give their child a head start or an advantage going into Kindergarten. My son graduated from the program and did well in Kindergarten. My daughter, who just turned 4, has been in the program for two years and is already familiar with many Kindergarten level curriculum such as ABCs, 123s, nursery rhymes and arts and crafts. The program staff is loving, caring and most of all very trustworthy and responsible.


Patrick, Jacob's Dad

I am very pleased with the overall experience offered by Cerritos Learning Tree. I am also very confident that my daughter will have the same positive learning experience when she attends this winter.


Ms Rojas

A great place for learning,everyone is helpful and cares greatly for the children. I am pleased I choose this school. Everyone seems so friendly and treats the children warmly and lovingly. I feel very comfortable with leaving my child in their care.


Tia's mom

my daughter is in Ms Denise room of 2's and she is a great comfort to me that she cares so much for all the children in her class. Her cousin is in the 3's Ms mildred who is always there for everyone. A great staff and wonderful learning place. The school is a bit old, but very well kept and clean. I highly recommend this school to every one who wants great care for their child.


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